Transport Facility

Transport :-SD Public School has fleet of 11 buses with best transport facility which can be availed to students on extra payment. School transport is available for the students of all classes on fixed routes. Students using the transport facility during the year are required to pay the transport fee for 11 months. Students misusing the facility are withdrawn from this facility without giving any notice. Transport charges are subject to increase every year 5 to 10% as per budget requirements to meet out the expenses of transport.

  • Buses are equipped with CCTV camera, GPS and first aid box.
  • Buses are escorted with ladies conductors.

Bus Rules

  • Students using transport facility must maintain order and discipline while commuting to and from the school.
  • The Bus captains will be responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses and ensuring that younger children get seats.
  • They will also ensure that no children stand on the Foot Board or take their heads out of the bus windows.
  • They will also ensure that doors remains closed. Any serious misconduct should be reported to the Principal.
In case of emergency , parents are requested to get in touch with the school authorities immediately.