School Wings and Building

Different Academic Wings

Entire school is divided into four academic wings ( Nur. to 2nd std. , 3rd to 5th std. , 6th to 8th std. & 9th to 12th std.), where each wing is controlled by experienced administrator/ educationists.

This wing is controlled by a highly experienced Wing Incharge, who have more than 15 years experience in this age group. Keeping in mind the age of children, sufficient no. of helping staff is allotted to this wing. Here beginners (Nur. class) is taught without books. Other classes in this wing are also given minimum burden of books. Students are given maximum stage exposure and motherly environment. These children are nurtured very gently without any external pressure.

:- This wing is controlled by our Academic Officer, who have more than 22 years teaching experience to deal this particular age group. Special care is given on speaking habits/reading & writing skills and stage exposure, pressurelessly. A regular contact is maintained, especially with the mothers of children wherever needed , as we feel that this age group can be handled easily by mothers..

This wing is controlled by Headmaster, who have more than 15 years teaching/administrative experience in this school. Here, we try to inculcate habits of self-doing among the children. Parents are asked to give the children free hand to manage their home work as well as daily routine activities. We motivate the children to speak in Hindi, English and Sanskrit languages in the respective subject classes, which may help them to gain confidence. Here also, regular interaction is maintained with the parents of children.

This wing is controlled by Vice – Principal, who is an eminent educationist and experienced administrator, having more than 25 years teaching experience. Here, children are fully developed the habits of self- doing and are motivated to prepare for competitive exams also. Children are given full knowledge about different career options after 12th class. Eminent personalities from different fields are regularly invited in the school for interaction with the students, so that, they could get awareness with the outer world. Alumni of the school are also invited for healthy discussions with our regular students.