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Admission Requirements

  • For Nursery class (1st admission), original birth certificate issued by any competent authority alongwith two passport size photographs.
  • A child must have completed 3 years and 5 years on 31st  March for admn. in Nursery and 1st std. respectively.
  • For other classes, a transfer certificate bearing affiliation no.  from the school last attended alongwith two passport size photographs is required. Students coming from other districts or other education boards, have to produce S.L.C. duly countersigned by the Dy. Director of Education of the concerned district.
  • Admission in 11th and 12th classes shall be made strictly as per norms of the Govt./H.P. Education Board.
  • Any child admitted provisionally in any class will be treated regular student only after he/she produces required documents or fulfils the eligibility conditions as are fixed by the H.P. Education Board/H.P.Education Department.
  • Admissions are made subject to vacancies arise in classes. Admission in elementary classes will be made as per rules/directions of Education Department of H.P.
  • Admission in classes 9th and onwards will be through spot admission test.

Commencement of Admission Process

  • Commencement of booking of process for admission begins from 1st January onwards.
  • Parents are advised to fill up the admission form and deposite it in the school office, so that the name of your ward can be considered as registration.
  • Regular admission will start w.e.f. 1st April. Date for admission and admission test(9th to 12th std.) is written in the beginning page of the prospectus.
  • Merely by filling up the admission form/getting your child registered for admission in this school does not ensure the admission of the child. Admission depends upon the no. of seats falling vacant in the particular class.

Note : There is  complete ban on private tutions/coaching to the students. Parents who believe more in private tutions are requested to avoid this school for admin. to your child. Disciplinary action including suspention of the child may be taken if found indulged in the private tuition/coaching.

Last date of admission

Admissions will continue till all seats in different classes are filled up or as per directions of H.P. Education Board/Deptt. of Education (H.P).


Detail of fee being charged is given in the attached performa. Students have to pay monthly fee on or before 5th day of every month,  failing which fine per day is charged, as per school rules. Fee for the full session can also be paid in advance.

Fee Structure (New Admission) 2016-17